The Brilliant Wines Club is a way for us to bring the mission and vision of Ahtel Wines directly to consumers. We are hyper-focused on selecting unique, quality wines that should be shared and enjoyed.

Ahtel Wines imports from some of the most elusive, historical, and increasingly popular wine regions around Central Europe. We pursue standards of excellence through developing long-term partnerships with producers that possess a profound respect for terroir and are benchmarks in their region, and as such, our portfolio presents quality, small-production old-world style wines as well as intriguing regional varietals from Central Europe.

Full-time managers/owners of Ahtel Wines, Amanda Wilson and Heidi Wettach not only share a passion for wine, but also a professional history with successful careers in marketing; the perfect fit for selecting unique, quality wines and getting them out into the market.

Having traveled and enjoyed many wines together, our desire to share those experiences here in the US has been the driving motivation behind importing. We have now become obsessed with making everyone aware of the great wines of the region and are passionate to make it feasible for everyone in the US to get their own bottle.

We would love to hear from you - drop us a note hello@brilliantwinesclub.com!