3rd Oct 2018 @ 04:56 by Heidi

Welcome! We are Amanda and Heidi and we are thrilled to have you on this journey with us. We have been long-time friends, former co-workers (guess we are again now!), and travel enthusiasts. Our friendship started with a mutual desire to get more stamps in our passports, and grew with a joint desire to immerse ourselves in other cultures, cuisines, and yes - wines.

What started as a selfish desire has evolved into an amazing - though often complicated at times - trek of sourcing and importing what we feel are brilliant wines into the US. And we are excited to share these wines with you!

The selfish beginning happened while traveling from Prague to Vienna on holiday, when our WINEderlust caused us to stumble upon the wine region of Moravia. We had no idea it sat right in our driving route, but after tasting Czech wines in Prague at various restaurants - it became a moral imperative to learn more.

After some quick Google-ing, we identified a few wineries to visit and were blown away by the quality of the wines and the graciousness of the winemakers who we just dropped in on. We fell in love, and like anyone in love, were pining when we got home for more.

We searched all over for these wines in the US. Big box stores, small wine shops, online brokers - no where were these wines to be found. We learned that Czechs consume more wine than they produce, and exporting is rare. So while the wines may be stellar, few Americans have been able to enjoy them - unless you happen to travel to Prague.

It hit us that we may not be alone with our WINEderlust in wanting these elusive, rare wines here in the US. Since then, we've been traveling and tasting wines from not only Moravia, but also Austria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia and many other countries who are often considered "emerging" wine regions. (Which makes us laugh a bit since these countries have been producing wines far longer than most.)

Our first wines we are excited to share with you are hand-selected from Moravia, Czech Republic. We visited each winery, met the winemakers (and often the whole family!), and choose those that we consider “brilliant.” We have just begun this journey, so while the first few selections will be from where we began in Moravia, we look forward to introducing more wine from more regions soon. Have suggestions of where you'd like to discover wines from on this journey? Let us know!