We respect your privacy. Your name and any information you provide to us will not be sold or shared with other companies.

This policy describes the ways we collect, store, use and protect your personal information. You accept this policy when you become our customer and use our services. We may amend this policy by posting a revised version on our website, effective at the time posted.

Personal Data

We collect only sufficient personal data to send you your shipments of wine and to communicate with you about those shipments. The personal data we collect is as follows:

  • name(s)
  • address(es)
  • phone number(s)
  • email address(es)
  • partial credit card information

We do not require personal details such as Social Security Number, credit application, credit score, employment or any banking information. If anyone represents they are connected with us and requests any such information, please report it to us immediately.

Website Privacy

We do not collect private personal information on visitors to this website unless they willingly submit personal information to us. The servers on which the site operates collect the "IP Address" of the computer which has accessed this site. In some cases that information can include personal information such as your e-mail address, which is true of any website.

Credit Card Privacy

We comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards. When you pay us via credit card in the shopping cart of this site we immediately encrypt the following information:

  • credit card holder name
  • credit card number
  • credit card expiration date
  • credit card billing zip codeĀ 

Storage & Maintenance of Personal Data

We do not store your private personal information on any of our computers and we protect access to it by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. We use computer safeguards such as firewalls, data encryption and token passing.

We enforce electronic and physical access controls to our buildings and files, and we authorize access to personal information only for those employees who require it to fulfill their job responsibilities.

Our third-party primary server farm is located in a secure data center and our mirrored (redundant) server farm is located in a similar secure data center thousands of miles apart. The servers are secure and all transmissions, both primary and backup are encrypted.

If you suspect any breach of your privacy has occurred in dealing with our organization please report it to us directly.

Secure Browser, Web Server and Web Site Protocols

Our computer systems that store and manage your data use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security protocol for secure communication over our computer networks and the Internet.

This HTTPS provides authentication of our website and its web servers to authorized browser users. Additionally, it provides bidirectional encryption of our communications, protecting against eavesdropping and tampering with the contents of our communications.

This provides you reasonable assurance that you are communicating with our website as intended as well as ensuring that the contents of any communications between your PC and our web site site cannot be read or forged by any third party.

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If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us:
Phone: 781.349.5777