We’ve always loved the idea of a wine club. We have been members of various clubs over the years, and the fun and delight of receiving new wines at our door that expand our wine knowledge of various grapes, styles, and regions has been a fantastic experience. And besides - it’s kind of like Christmas when you open the box and get a surprise you know you’ll enjoy!

So we are thrilled to announce Brilliant Wines Club! A subscription service where you receive brilliant wines delivered direct to your door. We personally select the wines, from wineries we've visited and winemakers we know and admire from new and unique regions. Beyond just the wine, we want to share the experience. Give you a chance to enjoy some winederlust from the comfort of your own home, over a beautiful bottle of wine.

As Czech wine expert Petr Ocenasek states, Drinking wine on your own is a big mistake. You will only fully understand the wine when you share it with someone else….With wine you can enrich someone else or be enriched by someone else by talking about what’s good about the wine. Only then can you see the beauty of the wine. Wine is a noble drink. The oldest. It has a lot to say. It has a great history. I have a new experience with every glass.”

Are you looking for new regions, varietals and experiences in wine? Are you ready to discover new worlds through brilliant artisan wines?

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As part of your subscription, you will be sent 3 unique wines 4 times throughout the year. The wines will be handpicked and never before seen in the States.


In Czech, Dva means two. So that’s double everything! This means 6 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of each unique wine. Double the Brilliance.